It's happened to all of us in some point in our lifetime; we open up a present on Christmas morning only to realize it's something we really don't want. The kids in this video can't seem to muster up much excitement over their unwanted gifts either.  

What do you do when you receive an unwanted present for Christmas? Do you tell the gift giver or do you brush it off and pretend to be excited?

I collect cologne and fragrances so on Christmas I often receive several bottles of my favorite scents; and some of my least favorite scents. I love my Aunt Charlotte but every year she buys be me an aftershave lotion that smells like rubbing alcohol. Now don't get me wrong, rubbing alcohol serves a purpose, I'd just prefer not to splash it on my face.

Reader's Digest published a list of unwanted Christmas gifts, and some of them are pretty funny:

1.  I once received a toilet seat. —Julie K., Shellsburg, Iowa


2. The book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I was in high school and not even dating. —Audrey A., Norfolk, Virginia


3.  A very nice sweater that someone had worn, stained, and regifted to me. —Belinda M., Orangeville, Pennsylvania


4.  A donation in my name to a cause I don’t support. —Marci E., North Richland Hills, Texas


5.  I got my own Christmas gift back the next year. —Carol

E., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


6.  A subscription to the Nutrisystem weight-loss program. —Rosemary G., LaGrange, Kentucky


7. A turquoise man-kini. I am 60 years old and weigh 250 pounds. —Erich P., Phoenix, Arizona


8 .  A book titled 101 Wines Under $5. —Cindy M., Greensburg, Pennsylvania


9.  A bag of cotton balls. —Claudia A., Columbia Falls, Montana


10.  A Christmas tree ornament. I’m Jewish. —Cary L., Royal Oak, Michigan


11.  Legos. I’m 34. —Lisa A., Boise, Idaho


12.  A doorknob. —Sweet I., Jefferson, New Hampshire


13.  A used spatula. —Sheila H., Grand Junction, Colorado


14. One slipper. —Robin R., Smithfield, Pennsylvania


15.  A book of etiquette from my mother-in-law. —MaureenC., Pleasanton, California

The kids in this video aren't overly impressed with their Christmas gifts either.

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