Hear ye, hear ye: a lady a the New Hartford Town Park is very special. We know because she left her dog's poop for someone else to pick up.

If there's anything that really gets on my nerves, it's people that are inconsiderate to other people. The lady I was walking behind at the town park yesterday is one of those people. Here's the whole story: I went for a walk at the park yesterday. There are always tons of dogs at the park, either being walked or enjoying the town's dog park - so it wasn't even remotely surprising to be walking behind two ladies and their husky-ish looking dog. What was surprising was watching the dog relieve himself right next to the baseball field where a t-ball game was going on. I watched this very special woman watch her dog poop, let him (or her) finish their business and then WALK AWAY. 


Two things that make this story especially annoying: 

  1. The New Hartford Town Park generously provides dog waste bags every 500 feet or so. 
  2. The very special lady WAS CARRYING AN EMPTY DOG POOP BAG!

I was conflicted: do I say something? Do I just chalk it up to people being jerks? Was she going to make a second lap and pick it up (I mean, maybe she really had to pee or something).

Second lap - no poop pick up.

Finally, I reversed direction, grabbed a poop bag and picked up the poop myself. At that point I was planning on letting the very special lady know I had provided that service free of charge - but alas, she was gone.

Moral of the story: NO ONE is that special - pick up your dog poop.





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