TIME came up with a list of the Top 100 Most Influential Fashion Icons, dating all the way back to 1923, when the magazine launched. Modern day fashionista Lady Gaga was selected for tally, since her style and her clothes are part and parcel of her image and repertoire as a pop diva.

From the meat dress to the bubble frock, and everything in between, which is often accessorized by towering platforms heels and wigs of all shapes, styles and colors, Gaga always keeps us guessing, so her appointment to this list is not surprising. In fact, we’d have been shocked if she hadn’t been selected. There are lots of fashionable divas out there, but few use clothes like a form of expression the way Gaga does.

With a column in fashion mag V and pop culture watchers eyeing everything she wears, Gaga is one of the most beloved fashion risk takers of her day. She isn’t merely showing skin all the time and while she does forget to wear pants more often than not, she is cutting edge and there’s always an element of artistry to her ensembles.

Congrats to the Mother Monster for adding another fashion accolade to her well-decorated resume.