We're not in Kansas anymore. We're fully immersed in 'ARTPOP'-ville.

Lady Gaga proved there's no place like home when she hit Times Square in her native NYC to appear on 'Good Morning America' for the second time in the past month. Ma Monster premiered her video for 'Applause' three weeks ago and talked about the 'ARPOP' experience. Today (Sept. 9), she returned and performed the single, adopting a 'Wizard of Oz' theme.

Gaga turned the 'GMA' studio into Oz, complete with a pair of sparkly red heels. Of course, the shoes were huge, towering heels, since this was Gaga's interpretation of the classic tale.

Gaga began her performance doing her best Judy Garland aka Dorothy, seated while singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' while wearing a black, shiny wig with bangs. Her dog Fozzy was nestled in a basket on her lap, playing the role of Toto.

Flanked by the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow, she danced down the Yellow Brick Road, with Fozzy/Toto still in her basket in her arms. Color us impressed, since she danced in major heels while carrying her pup and didn't miss a step. We dunno how she does it.

Gaga ditched the blue and white Kansas farmgirl dress for a poufy pink frock and a black body suit mid-performance, like she did at the VMAs. She ended with a futuristic version of the first dress she wore.

The only constant were those sparkly heels. You can't "be" Dorothy without red shoes. The little monsters were part of the performance, wearing red poppies on their head in the studio audience. It was musical theater, served up on breakfast TV.

After Gaga caught her breath post-performance -- she still found time to put on a new pink dress, white stiletto booties and a blonde wig with bangs -- she sat down with Robin Roberts, thanking little monsters for being a part of the show.

"I think it really is an explanation for my entire career so far," she said about why she channelled Dorothy for this perf. "It's my way of saying all of these outfits and wigs I've been changing into, this is my way of surviving and getting to Oz, to have all my dreams come true."

Gaga also compared 'Born This Way' and 'ARTPOP,' saying, "Every person in their life goes through so many different things. I was going through hard times with 'Born This Way,'" saying that she got famous quick and didn't have time to put her feet on the ground.

She furthered, "There was a lot of me putting things on to hide that sadness and the record reflected that. I feel overjoyed and full of love and am obsessed with making things colorful, since I am in a happy place...I have my fans to thank for that. No matter what I go through or how I evolve, they always stand by me."

Gaga shared images of her footwear on Instagram last night. Check out those ruby red shoes!

Here she is napping with her precious heels.

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