Whenever I see an animal outside, whether is a disgustingly hot 90+ degree day, or a  snowy winter day, I get very very angry. There has definitely been a few time I actually have called the police because no one, not even an animal, deserves to be outside in extreme weather. That's why I am SO HAPPY that Syracuse law makers have passed Adrian's Law.

According to syracuse.com, the law is named for a pitbull, Adrian, who died after being left outside in subzero temperatures on Syracuse's south side earlier this year. It allows police to fine and jail anyone who leaves a dog tethered outside in temperatures below 32 degrees or above 90 degrees. Police can also seize the animal.

Dog laws have been on the table numerous times. Legislator Chris Ryan introduced a version of Adrian's Law in February. After some push back from other legislators, that law was tabled. Legislator Casey Jordan introduced a competing dog law that was more flexible. That law, too, was tabled. With no luck at the county level, advocates decided to try their luck with the city. Legislators then met to discuss some issues about the duration of time outlined in the law, changes were made and, now, the bill passed unanimously.

Councilor Susan Boyle, who sponsored the law, spoke to syracuse.com and said she's in favor of a committee meeting down the road, but was confident the concerns of specific groups had been addressed.

"No one is still banging down my door demanding change. Things seem to be more agreeable," she said. "The sporting dog people came to our meeting and seemed satisfied with the sporting dog exceptions included in the law."

The Common Council passed Adrian's Law 8-0 with all councilors in support. Councilor Chad Ryan was absent.

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