Liam Hemsworth — a hunk from the land Down Under — is the baby in a family of lookers. Just because he’s the youngest doesn’t mean Liam has spent his life in the shadow of brothers Chris and Luke.

Liam Hemsworth

Hemsworth starred opposite Miley Cyrus in ‘The Last Song’ and will return to the big screen in the much-anticipated ‘The Hunger Games‘ set to be released next year.

Add Liam’s resume to that of his brothers and you have one talented family. Chris Hemsworth’s claims to fame include starring as the title character in ‘Thor’ while Luke starred in the soap opera, ‘Neighbors.’

When Liam isn’t busy making the big screen drool-worthy, he spends his time surfing and volunteering to help children. This Australian stud isn’t just another pretty face, he’s also the ambassador of the Australian Childhood Foundation. Aww.

Check out photos of Liam and the trailer for ‘The Hunger Games,’ released at the recent VMAs, below.


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