What would Ernest Hemingway be like if he didn't own as many cats and once starred in a 'Parent Trap' remake? We don't know. So instead, Lindsay Lohan will have to suffice.

As she prepares for a 90-day rehab stint beginning on Thursday, May 2, Linds is already looking ahead and negotiating a deal to blog about the experience after she's discharged.

The New York Post claims the actress is in talks with Celebuzz to start cataloging her stay at the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, NY, upon her release in August. (How many posts can one write about tying bedsheets together and scaling a barbed wire fence?)

If the blog takes off, Lindsay might even launch her own website with "her musings on art, fashion, music and movies," in case you wanted an alternative to soaking your computer in vodka.

A.J. Daulerio, a Celebuzz consultant, says he's waiting to meet with LiLo for preliminary talks.

Meanwhile, she spent some time at the 1Oak club in NYC this weekend, where she was supposedly so unnerved by strangers sitting too close to her that security told them to give a sister some room because "Lindsay thought they were spying on her.”

That bodes well for her upcoming three-month stint in close quarters with people she doesn't know, eh?

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