Remember that elaborate but oh-so-cute live lip-dub marriage proposal from two weeks ago? The heartwarming and tear-inducing sweetness was too much to bear from some, which is why The Second City Network have come up with a parody already. And it doesn’t bode well for the guy this time.

It starts out pretty much the same as the original, but this time it’s the guy sitting in the back of a van with headphones on. His scantily-clad wife begins singing the song much to the tune of Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry You,’ the song from the original lip dub proposal video, but with completely different lyrics. The husband is in for a surprise as the wife lists out the many reasons why she’s now seeking a divorce.

The jokes are the usual hidden porn stash and weekend in Vegas, but it’s still a well made parody with some rather hilarious characters. Although we’re not sure about the wife sleeping with an entire basketball team in revenge. That’s just… oh well, watch the video below.

Watch the original lip dub proposal video.

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