A custodian in a Central New York school district does so much more than help keep the school clean. He uses his 'secret' talent to encourage kids.

Christopher Strange is a cleaner at Benton Hall Academy in Little Falls. Everyone agrees that he does a great job keeping the school clean, but it's his hidden talent that puts a smile on the faces of parents and students alike.

According to the district's Facebook post, Mr. Strange is also a talented artist. Mr. Strange began drawing at a young age, and has never stopped. His artwork has even been featured in a book, "Hammy's New Home", written by Melanie Lopata. (You can order a copy of the book on Amazon.com.

Recently, Mr. Strange completed an oil painting for Benton Hall that encourages kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Check it out on the district's Facebook page.

Credit: Little Falls Central School District
Credit: Little Falls Central School District

Parents were quick to point out how talented Mr. Strange is, and that so many of their children have saved drawings, quickly sketched on napkins, done by Mr. Strange in the cafeteria, "Oh wow! I wondered who drew Marek’s paper napkin art. Where can you purchase his book? I would love to support him. He is so talented!!!"

"I have kept every paper towel drawing from Mr. Strange. We have probably close to 50! Bobby absolutely LOVES his drawings."

"He drew my son a bunny rabbit on a paper towel at lunch one day and he was so happy!"

Benton Hall Academy and the Little Falls school district are clearly very lucky to have Mr. Strange, and he really seems to enjoy sharing his talents to put a smile on so many students' faces.

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