Finding any kind of house for cheap is a struggle in New York right now. These three homes will fit almost any budget.

When you think of Manlius and homes, what do you think? Massive homes with equally as gigantic sticker prices may be what is going through your mind. Not with these three houses. Each can offer you comfortable living in a nice town, all for under $125,000. Finding any kind of home for that price is a nightmare right now, especially in some of the neighborhoods of Manlius.

One thing you have to factor into a home in that price range is how perfect it is. Many homes won't be 100% picture-perfect. There will be little quirks and odd features that might actually make you fall in love. For instance, if you scroll all the way down to the final house below, you'll see a garage on the least expensive house of the bunch. That garage has an almost hidden little storage room behind it. That's a small, but very unique little quirk.

What do the other two homes offer? Take a peek at their exterior, they look pretty stunning if you ask me. One of them looks to have cedar shingles, which actually is not a very cheap touch. That touch provides gobs of character though. The other one has a shingled exterior as well in a nice and light, but beautiful shade of blue.

Will any of these homes be perfection personified? More than likely no, but they will give you living for a budget and a canvas. With a home as inexpensive as these, you can transform it into whatever you would like. Which of the three below is your favorite?

3 Very Affordable Manlius Homes That Work If You're On A Budget

Get Affordable Living With New Hartford's Least Expensive Home

60 Pictures Of Stunning Home With Incredible Views Of Water In Sylvan Beach

The home is located at 1009 Birch Ln, Sylvan Beach, NY. It is being listed by Keller Williams for $950,000. It has 3,400 square feet of livable space with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms as some of the positives. Also, a five-car garage and a boat garage.

29 Breathtaking Pictures Of Majestic New York Home Offering Unparalleled Views

This home has a staggering sale price, don't get us wrong. But it is the kind of sale price that seems worth it if you had the cash. Look at everything you're getting for $45,000,000. From an infinity pool to nearly all-glass walls inside. Those glass walls offer you picturesque views any way you choose to turn.

On one side, you'll peer out over the Hudson River, and across you'll see the Catskill mountains. If you take a gander out the other side of the home you get a wooded vibe and you may never know you were perched on the Hudson River.

Take a look through the 29 pictures below showing what true elegance looks like for a home in New York State.

Check Out This Incredible $1.2 Million Dollar Home Right On Oneida Lake

Located in Cicero, this home will amaze you around every corner. Its most incredible feature happens to be the land it is on. This home will give you amazing views of Oneida Lake. Yeah, it has quite the price tag on it. For $1,170,000, it does seem worth it.

This home has a wide-open floor plan with a gigantic living room and eat-in kitchen right off of it. It also features 4 bedrooms along with 3 bathrooms. The total livable space is around 5,500 square feet. On top of that, you get a three-car garage leaving you plenty of room for storage.

You could own this literal and real-life dream home that offers very elegant design cues like barn doors into one of the bedrooms, and including an overview of the living area from the second floor.

Sometimes you'll get a house like this and assume it is all house but then the back yard is microscopic. Not here. This yard will wow all of your guests at parties and prove the home worth as those parties can be close to the house, or lakeside. Plus, being in Cicero, you're close to all of the action and central to most things in Central New York.

Just picture yourself in this home, it's easy to do that. Even if you can't afford it, we all can dream. This house is what dreams are made of.

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