The supply chain issues affecting New York state and the nation are expected to affect local and state DPW’s as winter approaches.

Senator Joe Griffo says computer chips that DPW’s use for their snowplows will be in short supply this year.

Griffo and Senator Peter Oberacker were at the New Hartford Highway Department on Monday to address the issue.

The state lawmakers have sent a letter to Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, urging the department to prioritize the delivery of computer chips used by snow plows to state and local public works departments.

“We are requesting that your department make it a priority to have the computer chips that state and local DPW’s depend upon for the continued and reliable operation of their snowplows shipped to them before any other entity in the supply chain,” the senators wrote in their letter to Secretary Buttigieg. “It is important for the safety of travelers, the continued viability of the economy and to the continued upkeep of our roads and bridges.”

Griffo and Oberacker say the shortage of chips could have a detrimental affect on the departments’ ability to clear roads of ice and snow as plows may not be operational, which poses a significant public safety risk.

“Winter will be here before we know it and it is imperative that we are able to keep our roads clear of snow, ice and other weather-related hazards and the public safe,” said Richard Sherman, Town of New Hartford highway superintendent. “I thank Sen. Griffo and Sen. Oberacker for their advocacy on the behalf of New York’s DPWS and their efforts to ensure that we have the equipment that we need to do the job.”

Senator Griffo's Office
Senator Griffo's Office


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