While there are some minor flood warnings in place around central New York, a seemingly urgent Facebook post on a page labeled Sylvan Beach, NY is appears to be someone's idea of a prank.

A photo that made its way around the social networking page on Tuesday evening seems to show crashing waves near a bridge and reads, in part: ''Fish Creek River just before the hardens damn broke.''

You can find what local officials are calling the 'unauthorized' Sylvan Beach, NY Facebook page here.

While this likely caused some panic among local residents, one might smerk if they caught the misspelling of - ''...hardens damn....'' - which of course should be Hardens Dam.

The Sylvan Beach Fire Department posted this message to curb an unnecessary alarm on its FB page:





NOTE: In Herkimer County, the Routes 8 and 28 bridge at West Canada Creek from Poland to Herkimer closed Tuesday night due to flooding concerns, according to State Police in Herkimer.

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