Perhaps you've seen some friends on Facebook sharing something on Facebook promoting a free $100 coupon from Lowe's. Don't fall for it.

There is no $100 coupon available for Lowe's in honor of Father's Day. According to the internet's best debunker of falsehoods,, the Get a Free $100 Coupon from Lowe's originated in May of 2015 for Memorial Day.

The coupon scam is back for Father's Day.

Our colleagues at in Boise, ID called Lowe's who confirmed there is no social media campaign involving a $100 coupon for Father's Day.

Now here’s what happens, on your Facebook feed, you will get a picture of a coupon from Lowe’s. It will look real and tell you to share and comment, all you have to do is click on the coupon. If you do it will take you to “,” That’s where you will get trapped into having to buy things in order to get the coupon.
Here is the other problem, the coupon is counterfeit. If you print it off and take it into Lowe’s you could be charged with a crime, felony counterfeiting is one of them. So don’t fall for it, don’t copy the coupon and do let others know it’s a total scam.

As always, if something seems to good to be true, well you know the rest.

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