What foods should you eat on New Year's Day to bring good luck or wealth in the new year?  There are several different traditions.  We'll focus on three foods that are meant to bring wealth.

Hoppin' John

A traditional dish in the southern United States.  Hoppin' John is made with black-eyed peas, onion, rice and bacon

Why is it considered lucky?

The black-eyed peas somewhat resemble coins.  Eating them is intended to sybmolize wealth in the new year.


Cornbread is another traditional southern dish that's most associated with barbecue.

Why is it considered lucky?

It's symbolism again.  The yellow cornbread is the color of gold.  So if you're doing cornbread, don't get fancy with white or blue corn flour.  Go with the gold!

Utica Greens

One of Central New York's traditional dishes, Utica Greens, also serves as a lucky New Year's Eve dish.

Why is it considered lucky?

One more time it's symbolism (there's a theme here).  The green is, of course, the color of money.  Gobble down the escarole this New Year's Day.

Celebrity food blogger,  Chef John, eats greens each New Year's Day.