Apple products owners rejoice. OS X Mavericks will be available for a free download today. Engadget tells us that if you're running Snow Leopard or more recent updates, you'll be able to grab this update for free via the App Store. So what is OS X Mavericks?

This update to your Apple includes iBooks, Maps, a revamped Calendar and you'll finally be able to make your 'Finder' full screen.
Engadget gives us more details:

You can tag files based on location and other details, making them much searchable. There's a tagging sidebar that'll let you view them all in one handy place. Multiple Displays got a big cheer as well, letting you view menus across screens, viewing different apps in full screen mode on each display.

Being a Mac owner, I'm thrilled about these updates and I'm glad I added Snow Leopard a couple years back for opportunities like this. Go ahead, click update!