The Madison-Bouckville Antique Show scheduled for June has been cancelled in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown.

Come summer, many Central New Yorkers take the drive down Route 20 in Bouckville to enjoy the hundreds of vendors that get together for two major shows: the June Antique Show and the larger Antique Week scheduled for August.

COVID-19 has claimed the June show, but organizers say the August show is still on. John Mancino, the President of Madison Bouckville Productions, which organizes both events, says "As of right now (the August show is) on. I’m working with Madison County on a plan to open the show. Hopefully we will have something in place by the first week of June."

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In the cancellation announcement, organizers say that allowing the June show to go on could "put our dealers, collectors and customers at unnecessary risk." Large gatherings are still prohibited under the reopening plan until a yet to be determined date.

Currently, the Central New York region - which includes Madison County - has begun Phase 1 of the reopening plan. "A lot depends on our governor as well," acknowledged Mancino.

Madison-Bouckville Antique Week attracts over 2000 vendors from across the country, and brings tourists and shoppers from all over the northeast to enjoy shopping, food trucks, and the year-round dealers along Route 20.

As of now, Antique Week is scheduled to run from August 10-16 over 14 fields, with free admission. Vendors can still register for the show at

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