Madonna is embracing her inner — and inexplicably outer — youth in her new ‘Turn Up the Radio’ clip. In a preview for the video, Madge’s third off of ‘MDNA,’ the songstress rides in a convertible with some fine lookin’ lads.

The video is pretty simplistic: It’s the Queen of Pop in a Caddy, flanked by fans and hot shirtless dudes. She looks very ’60s in a really stunning, almost Lana Del Rey type way: she’s got full, straight blonde hair teased at the crown and held back with a thick black headband, paired up with glam dark Jackie O-style sunglasses, all accented by the muted coloring on the video itself.

In some scenes, Madge is being followed by fans, while in others she and her crew cruise along alternately in a motorcade or peacefully and privately. She dances, flaunts her cleavage (why bother covering up, Madonna? We’ve seen it!) and generally just looks like she’s having a pretty good time.

It reminds us a bit of ‘Gimme All Your Luvin” in its city-wide exploration, except in ‘Turn Up the Radio,’ her cohorts have faces. It’s very summery, very fun and very likely to get more rotation than ‘Girl Gone Wild,’ if only for the lack of scandalous images. Check out the preview below — are you looking forward to the full vid? Tell us in the comments!

Watch the Madonna ‘Turn Up the Radio’ Preview

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