One of summer 2013's biggest question marks is 'Man of Steel.' There's a lot riding on this picture for Warner Brothers (who wants to be competitive in the Superhero genre), and for Zack Snyder (who's coming off of a misfire and an out-and-out flop). We're hoping for the best, and we're cautiously optimistic after seeing the film's first TV spot.

Right now they're keeping with a lot of the same imagery, and it looks like there's going to be a decent chunk of the film dedicated to Superman (played by Henry Cavill) being questioned by the American government. This may be the influence of the success of the Batman films that cast the dark knight as a vigilante crusader hunted by the cops, but it doesn't jibe with the legend of Superman.

But we shall see, that they're limiting what's out there about the may mean they've only got so many finished effects shots, or right now all they want to get across is Superman's journey to find out who he is and what he stands for. As audiences were lukewarm at best on Bryan Singer's 'Superman Returns,' it's funny that the film (and its advertising campaign) has to really work to get audiences excited about the most famous superhero of them all. 'Man of Steel' hits theaters June 14. Here's that TV spot: