The years may pass but the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lives on.  Today, on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, here are ten interesting things about this civil rights pioneer which you may not know.

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1.  Name Change.   Although we know him as Martin, he was originally known as Michael.  He was baptized Michael King Jr.  When he was six, his father changed his name to Martin Luther King Jr.

2.  A prolific life.  From 1957 until his death in 1968, King wrote five books, numerous articles and gave over 2500 speeches.  He also traveled a great deal, logging in over six million miles.

3.  Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner.  In 1964, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.  King was 35 at the time and the youngest person ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

4.   College at an early age.  At 15, he entered college.  He'd already skipped 9th and 12th grade.

5.  Favorite foods.  Two of King's favorite foods were fried chicken and pecan pie.

6.  Funeral home wedding night.  When he married his wife Coretta, they weren't able to spend their honeymoon in a white owned hotel, so their wedding night was spent at a black owned funeral home.

7.  Sang at a movie premiere.  King sang with his church choir in Atlanta at the premiere of "Gone With The Wind."

8.  Streets around the world.  Over 900 streets around the world are named after him.

9.  Stress aged him.  Although he was only 39 when he died, he had the heart of a 60 year old, most likely as a result of stress.

10.  Highly regarded.  According to a 1999 Gallup poll, King was named the second most admired person of the 20th century.  Mother Theresa was the most admired.

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