Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were decidedly loose and memorably cute when appearing on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to promote their new Elizabeth + James fragrances. They played the twin game -- 'Mary-Kate or Ashley!'

Now, let us preface this by saying that the twins, who grew up right before our eyes playing Michelle Tanner on 'Full House,' went on to become seriously respected fashion designers, with an empire and a cadre of celeb fans of their fashion wares.

The petite fashion powerhouses, who abandoned acting in teenybopper, direct-to-video films as they got older in favor of building and pursuing their clothing and lifestyle brands, haven't been "cute girls on our TVs" in quite some time.

But this appearance on 'Ellen,' the rest of which airs today (April 25), portrays them in a light that we remember.

M-K and Ash looked adorbs in black outfits, which reflected their personal styles -- M-K is more boho chic, while Ash falls in line with a classic image.

Of course Ellen engaged them in a game of 'Mary-Kate or Ashley?,' or 'Ashley or Mary-Kate?,' asking questions about which sister did or does what.

Ellen asked who is the messiest, who was kissed first, who would survive on 'Naked and Afraid,' who can talk to their way out of a parking ticket and who is a better singer and dancer.

Neither of them sing well, though!

Oh, and in case you still can't tell them apart, that's Ashley who is closer to Ellen. M-K is wearing that shiny dress.

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