Do you have a MasterCard? Do you like taking selfies? You can finally combine your plastic card passion with pictures of selfies to approve purchases. 

According to CNN, this fall MasterCard will begin experimenting with a new program: approving online purchases with a facial scan. Their logic behind this decision is that it's easier for people to just take a photo, than remember a password.

"The new generation, which is into selfies ... I think they'll find it cool. They'll embrace it," said Ajay Bhalla, who's in charge of coming up with innovative solutions for MasterCard's security challenges."

This is MasterCard's plan to try and cut down fraud. It kinda makes sense for millennials, don't you think? If you don't like the idea of taking your picture, MasterCard will also launch a small program that uses fingerprints.

If you choose fingerprint, all it takes is a touch. If you go with facial recognition, you stare at the phone -- blink once -- and you're done. MasterCard's security researchers decided blinking is the best way to prevent a thief from just holding up a picture of you and fooling the system. MasterCard said it doesn't actually get a picture of your finger or face. All fingerprint scans will create a code that stays on the device."

MasterCard is only at the testing phase. No date as of yet when this will launch officially.

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