One of my worst nightmares came true over the weekend. I was walking down Genesee Street, on my way back from McDonald's, and somehow my wallet managed to fall out of my pocket. 

I headed to bed early on Sunday evening so I didn't realize my wallet was missing until 2am the following morning. I happened to check my voice mail and there was a message from my radio station's general manager. She mentioned to me that somehow, someway, the Utica Fire Department miraculously recovered my wallet. They found it lying in the middle of Genesee Street.  Immediately I thought to myself: "what are the chances of the Utica FD recovering my wallet?" Then I tried to figure out how they knew to contact Karen, the station's general manager.

Prior to losing it, I had placed one of Karen's business cards inside the wallet, and that's how the fire department lieutenant knew to contact her. Tip to the wise: always keep a contact number inside your billfold, in the event you ever lose it. My wallet was eventually placed in the reliable hands of the Utica Police Department. I picked it up at the lost and found on Monday morning.

Thank you to the Utica Fire Department and the Utica Police Department for being my personal heroes. You guys are serving the community and saving lives on a daily basis. Metaphorically, you saved my life too! Thank you for your service!