Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri is unveiling Phase Three of the City’s Prosperity Initiative.

The Board of Estimate and Apportionment has approved $27 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act for the projects.

A major component of Phase Three is adding five police officers to the Utica Police Department to fight gun violence.

This proposal was made by the Administration on January 13th. Since that time, the Common Council approved the complement increase.

Phase Three also reserves funding for each Common Council district.

A breakdown of Phase III projects/initiatives includes the following;

  • Increase of the police complement to combat gun violence
  • Major investments to improve city parks and recreation
  • Plow trucks and other equipment for the Department of Public Works
  • Fire truck and refurbishment of current fire apparatus’
  • Necessary repairs to public facilities
  • Technological upgrades for public safety
  • Investment in Westside Senior Center
  • Beatification of Varick Street
  • Investment in Johnson Park Center
  • Funding reserved for each Council district (the Council will have discretion in
    determining the process of how the funds will be allocated and all projects must meet applicable federal guidelines)

“The Utica Prosperity Initiative is providing our community a unique opportunity to enhance the quality of life for our residents. Through strategic investment, we are promoting Utica’s existing assets; with a mission to make our community an attraction and a destination. I thank the public for their participation in this process, as well as city staff for crafting these transformational projects and initiatives,” said Mayor Palmieri.

The city is currently implementing Phase One and Phase Two projects, which include child care expansion, infrastructure improvements and investment in affordable housing.

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