A year after Dylan O'Brien scrambled down labyrinthine corridors for his very life in the first The Maze Runner movie, he and his fellow escaped captives are facing a whole new adventure.

The full trailer for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is here and, as readers of James Dashner's sci-fi trilogy already know, the Gladers have a whole mess of obstacles ahead of them. As the clip teases, they're in for spooky science experiments, untrustworthy allies and yeah...lots more running.

At the end of the first film, [SPOILER] O'Brien's Thomas and his friends get rescued...well, they're taken to a new location, anyway. The second installment seems to pick up right where the action left off, and everyone's quarantined from the deadly "flare virus" in a bunker. "This entire facility is designed to keep you safe," claims the teens' new protector, Janson, played by Aidan Gillen. Yeah right, like we'd believe anything Littlefinger from Game of Thrones says.

Instinctively protective of Teresa, Newt and the others, Thomas catches on pretty quickly. The Gladers head out into "the scorch," and soon it seems they're not running away, but marching toward war — with help from new cast members Lili Taylor and Furious 7's Nathalie Emmanuel. Did we mention there are zombies involved? You can watch the high-octane clip above.

While The Maze Runner didn't carry quite the box-office heft of fellow dystopian Young Adult trilogy The Hunger Games, it raked in a respectable $102,413,606 according to IMDB. That's almost as much as Divergent, that other-other dystopian Young Adult trilogy film, which garnered $150,832,203. While sharing similar "reject power-hungry authority, stand up for what you believe in" themes, The Maze Runner's plot has notable differences, plus the charm of Dylan O'Brien, who has amassed a following as "Stiles" Stilinski on MTV's Teen Wolf.

Will you be checking out The Scorch Trials on September 18? Let us know in the comments.


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