My favorite start to my day is seeing Al Roker and the gang on Today. Sad news to report on, just days after Katie Couric announced that she would be leaving CBS Evening News, Meredith Viera has revealed yesterday at that she will be leaving her spot on The Today Show in June.

Although no official announcement has been made, sources close to the anchor explain that Viera has been considering a switch for quite some time, but only came to the decision earlier in the week. Her motivation is said to be completely personal, as she's preparing her youngest daughter for college in the fall and wants to be more involved as her husband unfortunately battles multiple sclerosis.

Ann Curry will be filling her spot as co-host with Matt Lauer, who is also rumored to be thinking about leaving next year, and Natalie Morales will be taking a spot as a newsreader.

Ann Curry will do an amazing job in my opinion. Shes a great reporter.