Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have broken up, according to reports.

"They’ve been hanging by a thread for months," a source told Radar. "Now they’re as good as broken up and there will be no wedding."

It's been reported that the Younger Now singer has also been spending less time at the couple's Malibu home.

"Miley’s been spending a lot more time at her parents’ house,” said an insider. "She needs time to herself."

Allegedly, Cyrus has been stressed about planning the wedding ceremony and is rethinking whether or not she wants to get married at all. "She’s accomplished a lot in her life, but there’s still a lot she wants to do — and Miley doesn’t want to have to answer to anybody, least of all a husband," added the source.

Cyrus' cold feet are reportedly causing a rift between the couple: "Liam’s over it," the insider continued. "He wants kids and doesn’t want to keep putting it off ... It’s ultimatum time for Liam and pals aren’t betting on Miley making the commitment he wants!"

While there's no confirmation that the breakup rumors are true, Cyrus and Hemsworth were last spotted together on June 17 during a Father's Day gathering with Cyrus' parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus.

In the photos, it appeared that Cyrus was without her engagement ring.

Cyrus last posted a photo of she and the actor on Instagram in March with the caption, "I love me some Liam :)."

Cyrus and Hemsworth first met during the 2009 filming of the Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Last Song. By 2012, they were engaged, but called it quits in September 2013. Three years later, the couple reconciled with plans to wed.

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