One Central New York mom is having none of it after her daughter was shown spitting on alligators in a video posted on social media.

Employees at The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango were upset when they saw a video that appeared to depict a teenage girl spitting on their alligators. The Zoo took to Facebook to express their dismay at the incident, and the post was shared widely.

"It is with great disappointment that I have to make this post. I have recently been contacted by numerous people as to an Instagram post going around in which a woman is spitting on the back of one of our alligators. This behavior is not only disgusting but is not ok in any way shape or form. These animals are our family and we expect that they be respected. I don’t care if it’s a beautiful white tiger or an alligator they all deserve respect and compassion. They are here as ambassadors to help spread the need for conservation and to help educate people of the amazing animals that exist and need our help. They are not here for you to do something disgusting and then post to get likes on social media. I truly feel sorry for you if you think spitting on an animal is something that is ok. We will be researching the situation as to anyone involved and they will be banned from ever coming in our facility permanently. Of my 9 years of the parks existence this is one of my greatest disappointments."

According to, the two girls have been identified, and both have been banned from the park...but at least one of those girls has bigger things to worry about.

Her mom found out. 

According to a new post on the park's Facebook page, the mom called the park to apologize for her child.

"Many people may have realized we have taken down our original post involving the alligator situation ( guest filming themselves spitting on a gator). We have been made aware of the individuals involved and we do not want their names posted on social media nor for anyone who knows who they are to attack them in person or on social media. One of the young ladies parents have contacted me directly, they In no way tried to defend their child and assured us that there would be great repercussions. We greatly appreciated that and most importantly wanted this to be a teaching moment as to that all living beings deserve respect. Although we are outraged just as many of our supporters are we shouldn’t use it negatively and attack these teenagers. If anything positive is to come out of this is that our alligators are amazing and sometimes people make mistakes and then further the mistakes via social media."

You're in pretty big trouble when your mom has to call to apologize for your bad behavior. Hopefully, these young ladies will learn a valuable lesson about respecting animals - and about being a little smarter with social media. 

When did you know you were in big trouble with your parents?



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