As heard this morning during your information update with Kristine Bellino, 34.8 million Americans plan to travel this Memorial Day weekend.  According to a new survey by the travel website Hotwire, most Americans have never visited some of the country's most famous landmarks.  More than half of us HAVE been to the Las Vegas Strip, but have never been to these other famous locations.

Here are five destinations that most Americans have never seen:

A. Dawburne/Fox Photos/Getty Images

78% of us have never been to the Space Needle in Seattle.

Bill Schaefer/Getty Images

73% of Americans have never visited Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

70% have never seen the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

David Livingston/Getty Images

69% of us have never seen the Hollywood Sign.


And 57% have never been to the White House.