In this age of the Internet, it seems you can access the "World Wide Web" from almost anywhere! It's in our phones, it's in our televisions, and now in most cases it's in our new vehicles. This allows for many benefits including accurate GPS, but it also leaves the owner vulnerable to attack!

Last night on NBC Nightly News, a report was done about the possibility of newer vehicles having the possibility of being hacked with just an iPhone. Most of the technology in the newer cars are all internet based which for any savvy hacker would be like stealing candy from a baby.

Check out the report from NBC Nightly News:

Even though key-less entry and start and stop is convenient it leaves the consumer open to many attacks and even loss of vehicle control. Hopefully, the car manufacturers will do everything they can to prevent stuff like this from happening. I'll take my truck with an old fashion radio any day of the week.