You'll have to wait just a little bit longer to enjoy the Wild Drive Thru Safari in Chittenango. Mother Nature has forced the opening to be delayed.

Spring has been pretty wet and dreary. Other than the one 80 degree day we had in April, temperatures have been cool and we've seen lots of rain in Central New York. That wet weather has forced Wild Drive Thru Safari owner Jeff Taylor to delay the opening by two week. "We have been working very had with many new improvements but the weather has not cooperated," Taylor explained.

The Drive Thru Safari will open Saturday, May 29. But you won't miss out on any animal adventures. The season will be extended 2 extra weeks in the fall to make up for lost time. "We apologize for any inconvenience."

Drive Thru Safari Lawsuit

Park owner Jeff Taylor was sued for violating town code and zoning laws in June 2020 and ordered to shut down the safari. "We busted our asses building the drive thru and invested a lot of money as a last ditch effort to save the business we have dedicated our lives to building."

The lawsuit was put on hold a few days later while Taylor got the proper permits to operate the safari which was Taylor's way of keeping his gates open during the coronavirus pandemic.

A special meeting between the Town of Sullivan board and Taylor was held January 27 to finally allow the safari to stay in operation. "Thank you to all of our amazing supporters as we are certain without you this wouldn’t have gone in our favor," said Taylor.

Wild Babies

See the cutest addition to The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. "We are so excited to welcome a baby sloth to The Wild," the park shared. "Mom and baby are doing great. You can see them in our admission building."

Credit - Wild Animal Park
Credit - Wild Animal Park

The sloth isn't the only baby at The Wild Animal Park. Central New York is about to see the first giraffe calf. Jasmine is pregnant and expected to give birth in July or August, just in time for the summer crowds.

The park opened for the 11th season and there is lots of new things to see and do, including a new penguin exhibit the kids seem to love.

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