A central New York mother is warning others after her 1 year-old daughter found a needle at Verona Beach. "Our beautiful day at Verona Beach State Park was ruined when my youngest handed me this," the concerned mother shared on Facebook.

The needle was found on the concrete wall by the beach and was not stepped on. Luckily the little girl didn't touch the actually needle but her mother is worried and warning others. "I reported what I found to the office and they stated "they wash up on the beach all the time." This is very concerning and I'm not trying to bash the beach or maintenance. I just want everyone to be aware of the dangers and keep their eyes open anywhere they go."

This mother isn't alone. Matt Reese says he found a loaded heroin needle and an empty one in front of his house on Old Campion Road in New Hartford. "The officer that came told me needles have been found on the nature trail down the street along 840."

The problem has gotten so bad Camden Central Schools are teaching kids what to do if they find a needle. "This is what my kids are learning today in school," Jennifer Marsh Haynes shared on Facebook with a flyer that urges students to stop, don't touch, walk away and find an adult.

Photo Credit - Jennifer Marsh Haynes
Photo Credit - Jennifer Marsh Haynes

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