We’d like to wish a big happy birthday to Mr. T who celebrates his 60th birthday today. Born Laurence Tureaud, he shot to fame as Mr. T “the Mohawked and blinged out actor” and that's no jibba-jabba. Did you know Mr. T had a short career in music? Get ready for the best worst song from the 80’s.

In 1984, he made a motivational video called “Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool!” you can pick up this movie gem of the 80's currently for a penny on eBay. Throughout the video, Mr. T gives advice to kids. He teaches them how to understand and appreciate their origins, how to dress fashionably without buying designer labels, and how to make tripping up look like breakdancing. The video contains 30 minutes of painful singing, either by the group of kids accompanying him, or by Mr. T himself. He sings "Treat Your Mother Right (Treat Her Right)". In this video, he explains the reasons why it is important to treat your mother right, and also raps a song about growing up in the ghetto and praising God. Enjoy this piece of music magic!



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