It's mid-winter break for many Central New York students, so Mohawk Valley Health System is giving your children an opportunity to be a little bit creative.

The "Build Your Own Hospital" contest is taking place for students between the grades of Kindergarten to 8th. According to MVHS, the contest is aimed for those who may be interested in building and construction in honor of Women in Construction Week, which takes place March 7th through the 13th.

“Women in Construction Week is an excellent opportunity to not only highlight the amazing women that work in this industry, but to bring attention to the industry as a whole and encourage the younger generations to learn more,” said Hisa Zhu, project executive for Hammes Healthcare. “It is our hope that this contest will not only help kids understand all that goes into a large project like the new MVHS Regional Medical Center, but will give them something creative and fun to work on.”

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Kids are asked to find objects around the house to "design their own hospital." Designs should include:

  • Main Entrance
  • Ambulance/Emergency Department Entrance
  • Helipad
  • Patient Tower (MVHS has nine floors)
  • Greenspace (a park or garden area with plants or grass)
  • Signage

MVHS has created some tools to go along with the creations, including print outs of some signage and people that can be used in the building process.

First, second and third place will win a LEGO prize and certificate, and winners will be drawn on March 29th. You can email a photo of the creation to

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