There are film directors and then there is Neil Breen. Described on Wikipedia as a “former real-estate agent and architect” he has, in recent years, become an all-in-one auteur. He writes, produces, directs, and stars in his films which are, frankly, insane. They typically involve Breen embroiled in massive government conspiracies or fighting for his life, using incredible hacking skills, and delivering very earnest speeches about the world, all recorded with camerawork and sound that make The Room look like The Grapes of Wrath.

Basically, every Breen movie is a must-watch and his new one, Twisted Pair, looks like a classic piece of demented Breen-ness. This time, he plays twins! Watch the trailer above.

The whole trailer is eminently GIFable but here are my two favorite shots:


And these two shots are not from different parts of the trailer; the first shot cuts immediately to the second. Neil Breen is caressing an eagle, and the he is leaping (“leaping”) out of an exploding building. That was one combustible eagle! Also, Breen later has the cojones to cast himself as E.T., giving himself the alien’s most famous line (“I’ll be right here”) while tapping his heart as a glow emanates from his finger. Cinema!!!

For more on Twisted Pair check out the film’s official website. Or just go to my fan page where I compare the film to Citizen Kane and outline 6,253 ways Neil Breen is the most important filmmaker of the 21st century.

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