Who wouldn't want more roller coasters at Darien Lake? Well, that may be happening next summer, as the amusement park has announced the plans for a new coaster.

This new ride will definitely be a big thrill for visitors to Darien Lake. Their biggest ride right now is the "Ride of Steel," which happens to be the tallest and fastest coaster in New York. Now, the plans for this new coaster aren't taller than the "Ride of Steel," but it does have a huge scare-factor. According to Buffalo News, this coaster will have a straight-up vertical incline, and then drop you beyond the straight down, 90-degrees. As in, this new coaster's tracks will bend inward while you drop.

Plans about this new coaster are still pretty vague, as in (exactly) how fast it will actually go, how tall it will be, and all the other details. But it has been mentioned by Buffalo News that the "Thunder Rapids Log Ride" would be taken down to make room for this coaster. Apparently, plans to get rid of that ride have already been submitted.

This won't be the first coaster to have a more-than-vertical drop, but it will be a big thrill-ride for Darien Lake and for those coming to visit the amusement park. Cedar Point's "Maverick" opened back in 2007 and featured a 95-degree drop. You can get a glimpse of what that kind of drop looks like in the video below:

It doesn't do it justice, but it does give you a little idea of what a more-than-vertical drop looks like. Although, because it's just a video, you can't experience how it would "feel." That is, until this new coaster is completed and ready to go, and you can ride it yourself.

If all goes as planned and this new coaster is approved, it will add to Darien's Lake collection of thrill rides, which they have 11 of now. 6 of those thrill rides are coasters.




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