Do you sign your name with a flourish? Are your letters close together or squished together? What does all of this mean about your personality? Now you can find out.

The New Hartford Public Library is hosting a class on handwriting analysis. The course description says handwriting can "reveal a great deal" about the writer.

The course, offered on February 4th at 6pm, is taught by retired teacher Louise White, who has taught 'psychocybernetics' for years, incorporating graphoanalysis as a way to help an individual identify and potentially change specific personality traits.

(I had no idea what 'psychocybernetics' were either. Here's what I found: it's a book written my Maxwell Maltz in 1960, which views the mind-body connection as the core in succeeding in attaining personal goals. So there.)

If you're interesting in learning about what your handwriting reveals about you, you can register for the class by calling the New Hartford Public Library at 315-733-1535.

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