Looking at Google Maps and zooming in on the border Utica shares with the village of New Hartford reveals something surprising, does the New Hartford post office actually sit in the city of Utica?

I don't think so, but it's awfully close. Much closer than I expected. While the Google Map appears to show the post office within Utica's city limit, that line appears to be just a hair off. The official map on the city of Utica's website appears to show the official city limit at the Route 8 off-ramp to Campion Road, with the portion of land across from the New Hartford Shopping Center and the mainline of Route 8 is really in the City of Utica.

What I thought I knew about the Utica-New Hartford border, that is runs along Sauquoit Creek, turns out to be a little more complicated.

Utica New Hartford Border - Google Maps
Google Maps

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