As the weather heats up, New Hartford residents are looking for a place to cool off, especially for their kids. One popular option may not open this year.

The Chadwicks Splash Pad usually opens in early July each year, giving kids and parents alike the chance to stay cool while having some summer fun.

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on summer plans, the splash pad included. This year, with the Mohawk Valley Region gradually moving toward Phase 4 in the state's reopening plan, the park isn't going to open.

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We reached out to the Town of New Hartford, and representatives from the Parks Department says there are no plans to open the splash pad at this time. "It looks like it will be closed for the summer, unless something changes."

Even large water parks, like Water Safari, have stringent rules that govern their reopening, including limiting the number of visitors to the park, temperature taking, and mask wearing - not to mention enhanced cleaning. Those requirements were enough to ensure the Sylvan Beach Amusement Park won't open this year. Perhaps the same can be said for the splash pad.

The Town of New Hartford recently cancelled their summer program as well, leaving parents, who have been schooling their children since March, with few formal options.


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