A new Gallup study reveals West Virginia is still the unhappiest state in America, according to USA Today.  West Virginia ranks lowest for well being for the fifth consecutive year.  Curious if your state is in the top ten most miserable?

Our Empire State didn't crack the top ten for most miserable, just in case you're wondering.

The Gallup-Healthways well-being score for states used criteria such as access to basic needs, work environment, physical health and optimism to measure a state's well being.  The goal was to measure the emotional and physical health of Americans in each state.

These are the ten most unhappy states in America:

1.  West Virginia

2.  Kentucky

3.  Mississippi

4.  Alabama

5.  Ohio

6.  Arkansas

7.  Tennessee

8.   Missouri

9.  Oklahoma

10.  Louisiana

On the flip side, North Dakota is the happiest state for 2013.  I have family who live in North Dakota and they tell me it's really, really, really cold!  That would not make me happy year round.