I'm still pretty new to the area, so I decided I'm going to explore all the towns, villages, cities - everything, in Central New York, and each week I'll head to a new place. This weekend I spent my time exploring New Hartford...

Georgio's Village Cafe

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Georgio's was my first stop, had to get a full stomach before I went out sight-seeing. The building looks like just a regular cafe from the outside, but walking in... amazing! It's so beautiful inside, perfect place for date night (too bad I went by myself).

I asked my server for what she thought was their best dish, and their best drink. I ended up getting "Stuffed Mushrooms" for an appetizer. They were stuffed with crab meat, and were definitely delicious. For my meal I got "Hats and Broccoli" - which I had to ask what it was (I had never heard of it before), and that was really good, too. The sauce was really light, but full of flavor. The server suggested a Cappuccino Martini, so I ordered one of those. If you're an iced cappuccino fan, it's definitely worth a try - it really had that coffee kick, but it had that vodka kick, too.

Sherrillbrook Park

Naomi Lynn/TSM

This park has everything - tennis courts, baseball diamonds, basketball courts, a playground for the kids. It was pretty chilly when I headed out, but I had to check out some of the trails. There were a lot of people out running, though. Training for the Boilermaker, maybe?

Sangertown Square

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I had to check out the mall and all the shopping areas surrounding it. So many shopping places! Seriously, everything I could ever need, is in that area. I was excited when I went into the mall to find an F.Y.E., and The Brewery Shop - that was a cool store. There was so much to check out, I didn't have enough time in one day to see it all.

Prop's Inn

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I stopped in to this little bar and grill and was pleasantly surprised. I asked the bartender, Joe, to make me his best drink. I had a Cosmopolitan, and it was great. Prop's Inn has this really "homey" feel - I could smell food cooking, there was a pool table, clean place, and really friendly people. I think it may have become my new hangout spot.

Walking Around The Area

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I ended my adventures with a nice stroll through the village area. I walked around checking out the Christmas lights, sat in the gazebo area and 'people-watched' for a little bit. It was really nice, relaxing, and beautiful.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

I also stopped to talk to a local artist, Chad Smith, who was outside painting. I talked to him about the area and the places I went to, and watched him paint for a bit. It was really cool. I couldn't believe all the things to see and do in New Hartford, and I couldn't believe how friendly and great all the people were. Everyone has been so great making me feel right at home in Central New York!

This Wednesday, I will pick another area to visit and post it on Facebook. Make sure you go to Lite 98.7's Facebook page and let me know the places I should visit, and what I should do in that area. All suggestions are greatly appreciated, and who knows? ...Maybe I'll be stopping in your town next!