A New York driver is providing more than just a ride to your next destination. She's giving passengers an Uber experience.

Dana Mahoutchian connects with her community in a whole new way. The Albany woman transforms the inside of her Uber vehicle every month to celebrate special occasions. For February, it's filled with hearts and love in honor of Valentine's Day.

Mahoutchian has provided over 9,000 Uber rides to passengers from all over the world. She tells WNYT she enjoys learning about each one. "I feel like travel is a way to connect with other human beings and also to dispel perceptions that people have for other countries or cultures because honestly, we're more similar than different."

The idea to deck out her Uber vehicle started with a Christmas light charger, a gift she received from a friend. "When I put it in the Uber even though it wasn't Christmas season, everybody commented on it," Mahoutchian said.

That little Christmas light charger sparked an ever-changing Uber experience inside Mahoutchian's car. From skeletons at Halloween to Santa at Christmas. You never know what you're doing to be stepping into. One month, Mahoutchian even turned her vehicle into a jungle paradise.

Welcome to the Jungle

Uber Album

Mahoutchian created an Uber album on her Facebook page of all the experiences and connections to humanity. She highlights local passengers she's picked up along with visitors passing through, sharing their special stories.

So, the next time you order an Uber in Albany, you could just be getting more than a ride.

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