Central New York and other regions of our state continue to be on the move.

New Yorkers once again packed their bags and fled the state in big numbers 2017. According to statistics gathered by United Van Lines moving company, relocations out of New York state outpaced all but two other U.S. states.

For the seventh straight year, New York placed in the top three for exodus. Only Illinois and New Jersey had greater numbers leaving their states for other locations. The entire listings can be found on United Van Lines National Movers Study for 2017.

Popular destinations included the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West regions. And the most popular reasons for relocations, according to the survey, were job-related, retirement, and the desire to be closer to family members.

The three most popular U.S. states to move to in 2017 were Vermont, followed by Oregon and Idaho.

As New York meets challenges to retain its residents, lower taxes, better job prospects, and the Excelsior program featuring attractive college tuition options would all be key areas of focus.

Is this trend reversible for New York's leadership? What are the reasons keeping you in the Empire State? And, where would you most like to relocate?


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