If one thing rings true about New Yorkers, it's that we're an opinionated bunch and we're not afraid to speak our minds.

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New Yorkers have been doing a whole lot of speaking out in the last few years as our state government has really tightened down on a variety of things. And, when it comes to the tightening down, New Yorkers are either all for the new rules or are madly against them. There is no in-between.

In light of recent news that New York Governor Kathy Hochul's plan to ban the sale of gas stoves, hot water heaters and oil furnaces, we thought that it might be interesting to take a look back at just a few of the other things New York has either banned or made illegal in the state in the last five years.

Five Things Banned or Illegal in New York

These are five things that New York has either banned or made illegal in the state in the last five years.

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