That frosting has got quite the kick. CBS is reporting that a New York man and a woman from Maine were arrested after a "significant amount" of cocaine disguised as cake was found in their vehicle. CBS 6 Albany had initially reported that the arrest happened in Gardiner in Ulster County, though WGME says it was actually Gardiner, Maine.

Cocaine Cake

CBS says that the duo had been under investigation for distributing coke in the state of Maine. CBS says that drug agents seized more than four pounds of cocaine from their vehicle Tuesday. Police go on to say more than two pounds of the coke was disguised as cake, though they didn't go into what kind of cake exactly. Good thing that didn't end up at some kid's party, for that would have been one wild get together. Police say the two had wrapped "gourmet" cake in cellophane and sprinkled coffee grounds on top to hopefully hide the scent from K9s.


CBS says the cake couple were taken to the Kennebec County Jail in MAine and charged with aggravated trafficking in schedule drugs. It is not certain what they ended up doing with the rest of the cake after the two suspects were behind bars.

Hey, Have You Seen My Coke?

Well, at least they attempted to hide their stash, unlike this not so smart guy back in April 201 ABC is reporting that a New York man had been at a medical facility in East Garden City when he somehow misplaced his bag full of cocaine. At some point, he realized he had lost his stash when he returned to his home in Franklin Square. That's when officials say he allegedly picked up the phone and called the office to ask if anyone had seen the drugs he lost. ABC says that an employee at the office indeed found his coke, but instead of returning it to the man they called police instead.

And then, you had this guy, who was allegedly hiding cocaine in a box of Lucky Charms. In October 2020, a stop on the NY State Thruway turned into an unexpected find, as police say they discovered five pounds of cocaine stored inside two separate boxes of Lucky Charms cereal in the suspect's vehicle. Guess they really are magically delicious?

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