As if the murder of Bianca Devins in the Summer of 2019 wasn't awful enough, her family and friends still to this day endure the torture and torment of photos from the scene of her death.

It was Boilermaker Sunday when the start of the wheelchair race was brought to an abrupt stop. The race which had run like a well-oiled machine nearly 40 years had been interrupted and only first responders knew the disturbing reason why. The street on which Brandon Clark brought Bianca to ultimately violently murder her and broadcast the incident was right off the first mile of America's Largest 15k Road Race.

In the moments after this heinous crime, Bianca's killer broadcast and sent out images of her lifeless body and once the Internet got hold of them, there was never a chance of getting them back. To this day Devins' family members, even her own mother, still receive the photos of her baby girl and one local New York lawmaker is doing something about it.

119th District Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon released information on a new bill she's sponsoring to hold accountable those who unlawfully share images. Buttenschon says,

Bianca Devins lost her life in a horrific act of violence that shocked our Mohawk Valley communities. Her family and all families deserve the ability to grieve in peace, an ability that has been severely impacted by social media users exploiting her death for follows and likes. My bill will help ensure individuals who share and promote images meant to humiliate, harass or degrade are held accountable for this heinous – and criminal – behavior.

According to Buttenschon, the law would "establish the crimes of unlawful dissemination of a personal image in the first, second and third degree, and create a right of private action against such offenses. "

The co-sponsor for this bill in the Senate is local Senator Joseph Griffo and Downstate Senator Diane Savino. Together, hopefully the New York State Legislature will take action on this to hopefully give poor Bianca Devins' family some relief and protection from the monsters that live to prey on those suffering behind the anonymity of a computer screen or smart device.

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