Every state is number one in at least something. Some times it's good, other times (like in this case), not so much.

It's not a compliment. No one wants to hear they're vain. But according to a new study from the good people at WalletHub, vanity is big in New York.

The findings come from WalletHub's look at "2018's Most Sinful States." From anger and hatred, to jealousy, to greed, WalletHub ranked every state. And each category had many different factors, given on a point system. For example, the "Vanity" category included findings on how many beauty salons are nearby, how much money the average household spends on personal care products and services, and other factors. The "Greed" category included a lot of information on casinos and gambling addiction rates.

According to the research from WalletHub, New York is the 20th most "Sinful State" overall. Yes, we were named the most vain, but we were lower on the list in all the other categories. This is where our state stands:

Anger and Hatred: 28
Jealousy: 38
Excesses and Vices: 40
Greed: 49
Lust: 25
Vanity: 1
Laziness: 14

Sure, no one wants to be classified as vain, but for the rest of the categories we think New York is doing okay. Maybe not so much "laziness," but it could be worse. Nevada was named as the laziest state.

So which state was named second-most-vain? According to WalletHub, that [dis]honor went to California. Followed by New Jersey in third, Florida in fourth, and believe it or not, Pennsylvania in fifth.

We can't help but wonder how different these findings would be if New York City wasn't included. Do you think our state would still be number one for vanity? How about greed? Would our rating go up on that?





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