There are some incredible foods across the Empire State from Rochester's Garbage Plates to Brooklyn's Egg Creams. So how would you rank the top 10 food cities in New York?


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    Albany may be New York's capitol, but in the derby of great food, there's not much makes the city stand out. They eke out the number 10 spot on the list thanks only to downtown's famous Bombers Burrito Bar.

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    The out-of-the-way village of Croghan in Lewis County is home to a north country favorite, Croghan bologna - a ring bologna made with a recipe brought over from Switzerland in the 1880s. And where you find Croghan bologna, Adirondack Cheese will also be near.

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    With Finger Lakes wineries nearby, a diversity of restaurants way out of proportion to the city's size thanks to two universities and the Cornell Dairy Bar on campus with its local ice cream, Ithaca is a can't miss New York food destination.

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    Where will you find the best 'coney island' hot dog around? Not in Coney Island, after which they're named or Detroit where they were invented. The best coneys are in Plattsburgh and they're called 'Michigans.' Hot dogs with a meat sauce, sometimes cheese and onions.

    Eric Meier/TSM
    Eric Meier/TSM
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    Ah, the Garbage Plate. Take your meat choice like hot dog (hots) or hamburger, layer it with a potato - say home fries, add hot sauce and some mac salad and you've got a Garbage Plate. Nick Tahous created it, but you can find them everywhere around the Flour City.

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    Syracuse may not have a signature dish like many of its sister cities around New York. But it's got salt potatoes and it is home base of Dinosaur BBQ, which earns it the middle spot of our top 10 list - like its middle of the state location.

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    The one and only spiedie. Marinated skewered meat and served on a fresh roll. You'll only find spiedies in Greater Binghamton or for two weeks each summer at the New York State Fair in Syracuse.

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    Utica claims so many unique foods that it's easy to see why the Handshake City ranks so high on our list. Tomato Pie, Upside Down Pizza, Utica Greens, Halfmoons, Chicken Riggies - and add in some of the best mom-and-pop Italian restaurants in the state and Utica is a top three pick.

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    New York City

    New York is the capitol of the world with any taste from around the globe just a subway or bus trip away. It's also home to famous bagels, delis, pizza made like no place else and, of course, those hot dogs. But NYC is not our choice for the best food city in the Empire State.

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    The crown goes to Buffalo. Western New York's Queen City is king of this list. The city invented the hot-sauce-and-buttered chicken wing as well as beef sandwiches on salty kummelweck . Add on Mighty Taco, getting your pasta 'parmed' at Chef's and Sahlen's hot dogs and you've got a culinary metropolitan masterpiece.

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