A three second video captured of NFL referees fist-bumping after a Denver Broncos touchdown in their Sunday December 7, 2014 game against the Buffalo Bills exploded on social media in Western New York with Bills fans wondering if the refs are biased against them.

Mix96Buffalo.com first spotted the video loaded onto YouTube. Following a Denver Broncos touchdown, the line judge and umpire are seen doing a quick fist-bump. Was it an innocent gesture congratulating each other on making a close call or could they possibly been celebrating a Broncos touchdown.

I certainly think it's the former and they were saying 'good job' to each other on making the call. These aren't the replacement refs. But some folks in the Bills Mafia aren't so sure.

So watch the video and let us know in the comment section below if this was innocent or is it something more.

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Video of Just the Officials' Fist-bump