Sometimes a drama, medical or otherwise, brings a couple closer together. Such is the case for Nick Cannon and wife Mariah Carey after he suffered mild kidney failure. Cannon is back at home with his wife and dem babies, but he has to make a few changes to improve his health! His dad Jason revealed that Cannon and Carey are now tighter than ever in the wake of the medical maladies. ‘Til death do us part for Nick and Mariah, that’s for sure.

Cannon Sr. told UsWeekly that “Nick and Mariah have a very strong bond. If anything, this unexpected illness has made them closer than ever and appreciate one another even more. She would stay in the hospital overnight to support him. So they managed to cope even though Nick was pretty sick. But he is glad to be home now and his whole family is pleased about that also.”

He also said that his son was able to navigate his scary illness by keeping a positive attitude, something Carey also spoke about during the ordeal. Mr. Cannon revealed, “He took his mind off things by joking with the nurses and doctors and things like that.” Somehow that doesn’t surprise us, since Cannon is so gregarious.

So now that Cannon is recovery and out of the hospital, he has to rethink his diet and chill on the sugary beverages, which also add excess calories, and cut back on the processed foods.

Jason Cannon said, “The doctors have ordered him to rest and make some adjustments to his diet too. It has been an educational process for him, and he is determined to make those changes and stay away from soft drinks and too many sugar-based foods now.”

Hopefully we’ll see a healthier, soft drink-free Nick Cannon in 2012. He is expected to return ‘Rollin’ With Nick Cannon,’ his AM radio show, on Jan. 17.

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