What does a nine-year-old do with $4,000? Buy candy. A lot of candy.While a kid with four grand worth of sweets paints a humorous picture, there's a couple in the Ukraine who aren't laughing. That's because it was their nine-year-old who found their life savings hidden in a couch and went for the ultimate sugar rush.

The savings had been in dollars and euros. So before going crazy with the confectioneries the youngest had to convert the currency into Ukrainian hryvnas, making this a fairly complicated caper.

An adult acquaintance, who is described as having a mental disorder, aided the nine-year old in the currency swap and received a tip for his services, according to police.

The boy did share some of his sugary loot with his friends, so it's not like his teeth are going to fall out tomorrow. But the long-term dental implications are going to be rough, especially since his parents no longer have their life savings to spend on fillings and root canals.

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